Give your Brain some Love – It Deserves It

Nourish your brain so it can shine on its own. Read a book? Watch 24 hours of training videos? No time. Deadlines to meet, right? Polish your brain with Brax. These lovingly distilled elements of app creation will enrich and energize your skills so you can tackle any challenge with confidence and pride. Brax will help you blind everyone with your brilliance.

From Our Brains to Yours – ASAP

Who has time for flowery intros or recaps? You need the know-how now. We optimize our videos to be lean and mean(ingful). We offer these small videos so you can quickly pick what you need to know from what you already know. No rehashing basic concepts ad-nauseam. No hammering the same point three times (that’s what the rewind button is for.) We want you in and out and back to being productive yesterday.