Xamarin.iOS – Switching from Xib Action to Xib Outlet

In this lesson

  • Replace Xib Action with Xib Outlet
  • Add event handler for button tap


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Another alternative way to accomplish the same thing, is I can go back to our Xib and I can go back to our code assistant, I go back to our header file, if I delete this action, I can instead create an outlet for the button itself. Let Xamarin Studio sync. Now what I can say is, “TimerButton.TouchedUpInside +=” like so. I can basically do the same thing here.


As for which way is better than the other, I haven’t really given enough thought with traditional. Oops! Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Reason: -[TimerViewControllerTimerButtonTapped:] I think I still have our timer tapped action. Yea. If I go back into interface building, this is where things start getting a little sticky, why some people might not like using Xibs, it’s never bothered me enough. I needed to delete the timer tapped action in the implementation as well as make sure it is gone in our header.  Let’s take a look at the button itself.


This last icon here, you can see the actual outlet that it’s wired up too. You can see it still has this reference here for timer button tapped. If I click it here, it should have finally obliterated that outlet. We no longer get an error.