Swift Components Tour – A Swift Programming Introduction

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This is the introductory video in a series overview of a simple native iOS Swift application to illustrate the how and when of common iOS UI components.

It is a simple master-detail application and is intended to use to share code to help others learning iOS development.

Kyle Roberts
Swift Guru at Large

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Hello world! Kyle with Brax.tv here with a new app I am calling the Swift Components Tour. This app is going to be a short tour of some of the basic UI components in IOS. You can see here that I have them broken out into three sections with each component having its own personal detail view controller.


This app is heavily based on UIStoryboards. Every view controller is built in the storyboard. It has it’s own ViewController class written in Swift.


For the navigation in the app, I used one of the default templates called Master Detail. This is basically the master view controller which is a table on a slide out view, that you can see here. Then, as you choose an item in the MasterViewController, it will open its detail view controller in the main content area. To access that sliding view controller, all you have to do is hit the back button.


If you’d like to come and check out the code yourself, I have it posted on GitHub. My username is 123kyky. On this page, in addition to downloading the app and using it as a reference for any of the stuff that you see, I have some short descriptions of the app and of each component. Maybe some more stuff that I will be adding in the future. Alright, that is it for the introduction. Thanks for watching!

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