Series: Alamofire Starter

Alamofire really holds true to its motto "Elegant HTTP networking in Swift". Alamofire is a library written in Swift to make HTTP network calls even easier in your iOS app. Based off the original library called AFNetworking written in Objective-C, also for iOS developed, is the most starred Swift repository on GitHub and for a good reason. Alamofire focuses on easy to use and easy to read fluent syntax with chainable configurations, actions, and responses. In one smooth "sentence", you can define your request, send it, validate its response, and serialize the response data into an immediately useable format. As well as supporting all of this out of the box, each step you take with Alamofire is completely customizable, from something small like an NSURLStringConvertible to a completely custom data serializer and request manager built all on top of the base Alamofire architecture. If that's not enough, Alamofire has a basic plugin system for even more functionality and features for things like UIImage and UIImageView support and Alamofire managed UIActivityIndicatorViews. So snuggle up with this series to get you started with your own Alamofire based requests!