Series: CocoaPods

Just in time for the 1.0.0 release of CocoaPods, here is a CocoaPods tutorial all about it! What is CocoaPods? How can I use CocoaPods? What about their fancy new app? All of those questions and more are detailed here! I have been using CocoaPods on and off for a good 3 years now out of its 5 years of development. It's a great tool, easy to use, and makes setting up an Xcode project with 3rd party libraries and frameworks, monster SDKs, and small local utils a breeze. I remember way back when, before I'd used CocoaPods, I spent what, in my head right now, felt like days and days trying to import a couple testing libraries in Objective-C. I spent so much of that time digging through obscure and previously untouched Xcode project file build settings and build phases linked library binaries and all that jazz. Searching through the darkest corners of StackOverflow to find any workaround or hack just to get this library running. That's the type of stuff anyone can get confused with. All that just to get a slightly more powerful assert syntax. So now, you can do the same thing with CocoaPods in just a few minutes. And CocoaPods handles any of this project configuration stuff for you on a pod install. Through installing, adding your podfile, populating it with pods, and installing them, you have probably just saved yourself days and days of crippling build settings depression. So get down and dirty with this series and start learning the ins and outs of working with CocoaPods and plenty of tips and tricks to impress all your coworkers who are just CocoaPods casuals.