Series: Carthage Tutorial: Managing Swift application dependencies

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager for your iOS applications. It can be used to retrieve the entire dependency graph of your application. It is used to build dynamic frameworks to be used in your very own apps. This Carthage tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. This series will teach you everything you need to know to begin using Carthage, including:
  • How to install Carthage and keep it updated
  • How to issue commands to Carthage from the command line
  • How to specify your application dependencies in a Cartfile
  • How to specify which versions of the application dependencies you desire
  • How to fetch the dependencies you've specified and where Carthage puts them
  • How to build the dependencies and where Carthage puts them
  • How to use the Cartfile.private file to express your private dependencies
  • How to bring in the frameworks and use them in your application code
  • How to include them in your bundle so that you can run your app in the simulator or on device
  • How to include them in your test bundles so that you can run your tests
Get up to speed with Carthage now. Watch the entire Carthage tutorial. Each individual lesson is focused on a specific Carthage topic making it quick and easy to learn all about it. Carthage backdrop photo is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. Original photo by Richard Mortel.